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ShipInsure: Tanga's Cost-Saving Solution

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ShipInsure: Tanga's Cost-Saving Solution


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The Brand

The company's humble beginnings in a garage, initially trapped due to jammed doors and encased in concrete, led to innovative problem-solving reminiscent of MacGyver. With a stockpile of board games and plans for expansion, they began selling them daily, eventually adding a word puzzle platform. As the business grew, they expanded into shirts and handmade goods. Despite leaving the garage and bidding farewell to puzzles, their focus remains on providing the best deals online, having listed over one million deals and shipped seven million orders, saving customers over $630 million.

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The Challenge

Customer service isn’t cheap. Tanga has consistently prioritized customer satisfaction, striving to rectify any issues promptly. As a growing business, Tanga is dedicated to enhancing its services while minimizing expenses. Continuously expanding, Tanga found ShipInsure in a pursuit for innovative methods to enhance customer experience. 

The Approach

Notorious Lift’s goals were aimed at streamlining their operations and redirecting their team's efforts toward company expansion and product diversification, rather than spending endless hours personally communicating with every customer who submitted a claim. As a budding enterprise, they sought a cost-effective solution to optimize resources, save on expenses, and boost revenue.

LTV has increased for us particularly in the longevity of the customer. If something does end up going wrong, retaining the customer by making their experience whole has been great for us. We have customers feeling comfortable to make larger purchases knowing that if anything goes wrong, they’ll be taken care of.

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Ezra Shabot

Founder of Tanga

The Outcome

The partnership between ShipInsure and Tanga yielded significant enhancements in customer service efficiency at zero expense. Leveraging invaluable insights, the collaboration not only bolstered customer loyalty but also fostered repeat business. It cultivated a highly productive environment conducive to sustained growth and success.

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