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Notorious Lift:
Increase Customer Loyalty And Streamline Claims


Notorious Lift Increase Customer Loyalty And Streamline Claims


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The Brand

"Since our establishment in 2019, our goal has always been to create the best footwear that enhances your training experience and helps you achieve your powerlifting goals. We understand that having the best gear can give you a significant advantage over your competition, which is why we invest our expertise and passion into designing the premier footwear for powerlifters.

Our products are engineered to ensure optimal performance, using high-quality materials to provide the support and stability you need to excel in your lifts. Our range of eye-catching colorways and designs will help you make a bold statement both in the gym and on the platform."

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The Challenge

Notorious Lift’s business goals were to reduce the amount of time their team was spending on customer service tickets in order to focus on scaling the company and diversifying their product offering. As a relatively new company at the time, they were looking for a budget-friendly option to save money and drive revenue

The Approach

Notorious Lift’s goals were aimed at streamlining their operations and redirecting their team's efforts toward company expansion and product diversification, rather than spending endless hours personally communicating with every customer who submitted a claim. As a budding enterprise, they sought a cost-effective solution to optimize resources, save on expenses, and boost revenue.

ShipInsure took over all the heavy lifting for my customer success team. They’ve given me my work-life balance back. I’ve been able to save money and focus on my passions in my career while serving my customers and creating products we can be proud of. 

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Travis Nguyen
Head of Business Development

The Outcome

ShipInsure's collaboration with Notorious Lift improved customer service efficiency. Valuable insights were used to boost customer loyalty, encourage repeat business, and create a productive environment—all without any extra cost to Notorious Lift.

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